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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

AshiatsuAlso known as AOBT, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy combines elements of traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu and Keralite massage.

Incorporating overhead bars for support and varying pressure, the therapist uses body weight and gliding foot compression at strategic points along the muscles.

This therapeutic and luxurious massage allows for deeper work without the pain of sharp elbows, fingers and tools, but instead uses soft manicured, padded feet to work deep into the soft tissue. The pressure is smooth, consistent and flowing.

Ashiatsu is designed to…

  • Bring about structural change to chronic soft tissue damage.
  • Provide deep relaxation.
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Elongates the muscles along the spine, allowing the spine to have more freedom and movement.

1 hr. Ashiatsu - $85;   1 ½ hr. Ashiatsu - $125


Hot Stone Massage

Relax, Release, Renew with this mini vacation for the body. Let the heat of the stones carry you away. This luxurious massage is as therapeutic as it is relaxing. Hot Stone is an absolute favorite of those with chronic pain and arthritis.     75 min. massage - $95


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a totally relaxing and therapeutic massage. Enjoy the heavenly scent and therapeutic value of essential oils chosen especially for your needs (unscented oil available as well). Only the finest massage and essential oils are used in all my treatments.    
½ hr massage $40
;   1 hr. massage - $70


Hot Stone MassageRaindrop Therapy

Experience the outstanding benefits of this massage. A massage for the senses, using 10 different aromatic oils, these oils help the body release emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Raindrop Therapy was originally created to help straighten the spine and clients are experiencing wonderful results with this therapeutic and relaxation massage.     1 hr. massage - $80


Lymphatic Massage

This gentle massage cleanses the lymphatic system, warding off colds and flu. If you have a cold or flu it can cut recovery time in half. Lymphatic massage is a great way to detoxify your body.    
1 hr. massage - $70


Cranio Sacral Therapy

A non-invasive treatment with big results! Cranio Sacral Therapy releases facial restrictions within the cranio sacral system thereby affecting the entire body.     1 hr. treatment - $70

Benefits those with:
• Back pain including disc problems
• Headache pain including those with migraine
  and sinus headaches
• Can be helpful with Attention Deficit Disorder
• Neck pain
• Relieves head congestion



Reiki means “universal life force energy”. Treatment consists of a practitioner transferring universal life force energy to the client by laying his/her hands over a specific area. The practitioner is used as a conduit for this energy. Reiki renews strength, harmony and balance.    
1 hr. treatment - $65


Combination Treatments:

1 ½ hour Hot- Ashi -  You asked for it and here it is!!! Heat to relax, feet to go deep! Combining Hot Stone massage and Ashiatsu, this massage warms up and relaxes the muscle tissue using heated basalt rock. This prepares the body to allow an even deeper and deeply relaxing Ashiatsu massage.     $135

2 hr. Custom Massage - Let’s get it done shall we!! Whether it’s deep relaxation you need or customized therapy for the weekend warriors, this is the ultimate massage that will take care of all your needs - body, mind, and spirit!     $155

Give the gift of touch...Gift Certificates are available for all occasions!



For Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) in the Fox Valley area, contact:
Inna Mazur, The Massage Factory
(920) 450-2142


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